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PROTFILT Limited-liability Company


PROTFILT LLC is manufacturing stainless steel filters and filter cartridges based on an invention of Lajos Szabó phD and Zsolt Szabó, patented in 1984. The manufacturing technology of filter cartridges is being continuously developed, such development also being sponsored by the European Union.

The company's main area of business is manufacturing and service of filtering equipment for filtering fluids and gases, and design, building and commissioning of complete filter systems. The design and manufacturing of the special stainless steel cartridges is based on self-developed technology and know-how. Due to its high reliability in respect of filtration fineness and useful life the technology has proved its technical superiority to other types of filters.

We offer a solution to any kind of filtering processes (up to many hundred m3/h fluid/gas flow rate):

  • physical separation (separating floating, solid impurities)
  • chemical, chemo-physical treatment (activated carbon, polyphosphate, ion exchange resin, iron remover, etc

Other water treatment methods we offer are: electrical water treatment, germ-proofing filters, reverse osmosis system.

Our filters are individually designed to meet the requirements of the client. Any special requests are accommodated within a short period of time.

PROTFILT is also the importer of many international filtration equipment producers. Such classic, "one size for all" filters may be delivered immediately

Our engineering experts and trade representatives are available at several locations throughout the country.

Main references include: Hungarian Oil Plc., Ford, GM, Paks Atomic Power Plant, Mátra Power Plant, Újpest Power Plant, Hungarian Aluminium Plc., Tungsram Plc., Csabai Conserve Factory, EKO Conserve Factory, Mátra Sugar Plc., Borsodi Brewery, Vishay Hungary Ltd., Richter Gedeon, Teva, Ganz, Szegedi District Heating Comp., etc.

PROTFILT has ISO 9001 qualification and all our products are checked and approved by the appropriate Hungarian institutes.



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